Food Is Love

Sunday, October 15, 2006


last night i went all out. since it was my "last day" as a real person.... haha, like it is. im such a binger. anyway... my cousin (12) and i went to blockbuster and got 2 movies, a 2 lter diet coke, a popcorn and a candy all for 10 pounds. I ate a chocolate cake thingy, then a few handfulls of popcorn and then some of the chocolate candy and a can of diet coke. probably like 500-600 pounds. but right now its 1130 and all ive had is tea with a splash of milk.... albeit whole milk, they dont drink anything else. Im going to costa later for some coffee, will just get plain coffee i think. :) that will do it until dinner time, hopefully... if i can keep myself busy with my school work.


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