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Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15

So... it didnt go exactly as planned. I ate some lunch.. I had a cheese and tomato toasty, which is like a toasted cheese sandwhich with tomato slices in it. Not so bad for you.. cheese is good right? Then for dinner I had a slice of pork, carrots and peas, and some roasted potatoes. Potatoes are my weakness. I LOVE THEM. I also had a little bit of yorkshire pudding, which is like bread type stuff. Im estimating my total to be about 1100. That includes the nibbles of popcorn during the movie tonight and the nibble of carrot cake i had at coffee. At least i had normal coffee. Why cant i control myself! Tomorrow we wake up REALLY early to catch our flight to Egypt. We'll have plane food, which is gross anyway, and then dinner at the hotel. Hopefully something gross as well. What ever... we'll see.


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