Food Is Love

Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 29

food is so powerful.

and you have to wonder why....because it doesnt talk, or call your name or taste amazing, or compare to an orgasm, or make you beautiful. food is powerful.... without reason.
i eat food just to eat it. to chew, to have something in my mouth, to consume.... because im greedy.
i ate a packet of biscuits yesterday. i dont even know what they tasted like. i just shoved one after the other into my mouth... until i felt sick.
today i ate my breakfast, and then 45 minutes later, I ate again. I wasnt hungry... i just knew the food was there. It WAS calling my name. How can i be addicted to something so.... inanimate?

today was my 5th straight day at the gym. I want to keep it up, but next weekend I am going back to my aunts house for my cousins birthday. If she comes to get me on friday night, i wont work out saturday or sunday.. maybe I can convince her to come get me saturday morning, and squeeze in an early workout. My goal is have my workouts come to less that 2 dollars each.... I paid 80.30, so that means i need to go 40+ times. I have 50 days left.

I am thinking about cutting carbs out of my diet completely. Carbs as in bread and pasta... not vegetables or fruits. I have a lot of potatoes, and i love potatoes, so probably not those either. But I wont buy any more after this.


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