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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31st

Happy Halloween!!! Im not going out bc I dont want to drink a lot and get fat. That would just be stupid. Ha Ha like the rest of my life. Last night I fell asleep worrying about my body, thinking about exercise, wondering if I should eat a snack.... Im crazy!!!! Woke up at 830, went to the gym around 10. Walked for 45 minutes. Not so good, but did 130 crunches, and weighed myself... down to like 58.5 kg... which is less than before.... but Im really not sure. And my waist has gotten smaller too. 25.3 ish. Hips.. still too big. :( oh well.
Food wise:
1 6oz. cup of yogurt
1 cup of cereal
1 can of sliced carrots
2 lattes

Tonight I am going out to dinner with Scot... a friend Ive met whose company I enjoy. I feel that Ive done OK today, especially since my latte was skim... So I will eat... lol I have to. But no fried food hopefully!


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