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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8

I have been exercising every single day. Like when I say every single day, I mean ive missed 1 in the last 2 weeks. Ive started this new running program. Im not a very good runner bc I get that side stich thing really quickly then I give up... but i found in this fitness magazine a program for beginners and Im in my second week and am doing really well. On the days it says to take off I go to the gym and do something else. Today I did the elliptical and walked on an incline. The problem is.... ive been gaining weight. I mean, not like a ton, like 3 lbs... but still, it sucks because I cant say its muscle since I havent been weight training, and so it must be my food intake. Which I DO try to keep low... I eat a grape fruit or a banana or yogurt for breakfast and lunch. Then I guess its dinner thats doing it to me, because I keep getting invited out or over to other people's and I want their attention, but I dont want to eat their food. But I do anyway... and I drink too... and feel guilty about it. Tonight I have offered to cook dinner for Evan Jordan and Rachel. I was thinking about making chicken parm... but in a healthy way. I dont even know if I want that. I might have a grapefruit and some yogurt and just say i was really hungry earlier and ate then... I dont know what to do... self discipline would be nice.


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